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Business Banking

This account is designed for the small business owner. It offers the basics and it's easy to use. The account is limited to 50 paid checks per month and no more than 50 deposited items during the monthly statement cycle*.

A $10 monthly service charge applies. This service charge is waived when at least a $5,000 monthly average collected balance is maintained in the account. Customers using uncollected funds will be charged for this usage at a rate of Prime plus 3%. Returned deposited items are subject to a $6 per item fee.

For businesses with more monthly account activity, the choice is our regular business checking account. No minimum balance is required. You receive an earnings credit which will offset the monthly account service charges.

    Monthly account maintenance fee ** $25
    Debits and checks paid $0.20 each
    Credits and deposits $0.45 each
    Checks deposited $0.12 each
Customers using uncollected funds will be charged for this usage at a rate of Prime plus 3%. Returned deposited items are subject to a $6 per item fee. Accounts eligible for interest may elect to be paid interest in lieu of the earnings credit.

This account is for law firms and realtors that are required to establish an account for pooled client funds. The law firm or realtor is required to maintain a separate Crown Bank account for its other banking needs.

Interest is earned on collected balances and is paid monthly. A $10 monthly service charge applies.

Our money market savings account is for businesses that have excess funds for investment purposes. Interest is earned daily on collected balances and is paid monthly. This account has a tiered interest rate structure; accounts with higher balances earn more interest. Current interest rate tiers are: $0 to $24,999; $25,000 to $99,999; $100,000 to $249,999; and $250,000 and over.

Accounts are charged $5 each month when the minimum balance is less than $1,000.

Our time deposit accounts are designed for customers with funds to invest for longer terms. The account is offered with maturities up to 48 months. A minimum deposit of $1,000 is required to open an account. Interest is earned daily and is paid annually or at maturity. A substantial penalty may be charged for withdrawals prior to the account maturity date.


Statement Delivery
Checking and savings account statements are delivered electronically each month. A mailed statement is available upon request.

Telebank Access Line
Telebank Access Line is a free service that lets you access your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using the telephone. You can inquire on balances and recent transactions, and transfer funds between your accounts.

Lockbox Service
If you receive customer payments through the mail, you can save time and improve funds availability by having payments sent directly to our Lockbox. We'll make your deposit and provide you with all the data necessay to process your customer's payment.

Internet Banking and Bill Pay
Complete your banking with our Internet Banking and Bill Pay Service. It's convenient and secure. You can review balances and transaction activity, make transfers between accounts, originate ACH transactions, access your monthly statements, and pay bills. A separate application is required.

Merchant Card Processing
If your business involves retail sales or services, our Merchant Card® Processing program provides settlement services for VISA® and Mastercard® transactions. Set up is easy and our rates are competitive. Available to customers with approved credit. A separate application is required.

Business Card
A Crown Bank Business Card is a credit card designed to help you manage your business expenses. It provides a convenient line of credit, enhanced record keeping, and simplifies your accounts payable process. A separate application is required.

Remote Check Deposit
Deposit your customers' checks without having to come into the bank. It's easy and convenient with our remote check deposit product. A separate application is required and additional fees apply.

* We reserve the right to move customers who exceed these tr ansaction limits to a more suitable account .
* * Other charges may apply for special account handling requirements.
For other services and products not listed please inquire. Services and fees are subject to change.

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